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Temeraire Kink Meme - Part I

► Anonymously comment with your request – a character/pairing/nthsome, and a kink or prompt.
► Only one prompt per post.
► Be nice! Kink-shaming, character/pairing bashing, and mean-spirited comments are no fun to deal with and will be removed.
► Have fun! :)

► Any kinks welcomed!
► The fill/request does not need to be smut.
► Fills can be any sort of creative work: fic, art, song, photomanip, etc.
► Beware of spoilers! Prompters and requesters may warn for them, but it is not necessary.

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human AU, Temeraire/Iskierka

(Anonymous) 2012-04-20 11:42 am (UTC)(link)
The dragons are humans - young adults probably - and they run a protest reform protest group. Iskierka is their newest member, and she makes Temeraire furious. She believes violence is probably the best solution, or at least the easiest; Temeraire still thinks that if they turn up to enough protests and make enough polite noise people will listen to them. Also, Iskierka never agrees with the wording of his letter writing campaigns.

And then I guess they fight a lot, about everything, until one day Iskierka does something brave, but... not fantastically well thought out (I was thinking something like stopping a rioter at a protest?? I've thought about this too much) and Temeraire has a flash of "I'd kiss her. On the mouth" and then he's worried but he can't stop thinking about it, what if Iskierka is only 90% awful and he really does want to kiss her, if they were in gaol together and they had to kiss to pass the night that wouldn't be the end of the world, you know, so he goes to everyone else for advice and they just roll their eyes and gently push him towards telling her because, well, why not, maybe then Temeraire would stop musing about how she smells like low-grade arson and regrets.

So he does, and then she says something like "of course this was going to happen, I'm a sexual panther and you are my prey" so the moment is ruined, forever, and he still wants to kiss her oh god what is wrong with him.

Bonus points if Iskierka has a terrifying array of spiking piercings and no fashion sense, double extra bonus points if Temeraire waxes lyrical about those things.