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Temeraire Kink Meme - Part I

► Anonymously comment with your request – a character/pairing/nthsome, and a kink or prompt.
► Only one prompt per post.
► Be nice! Kink-shaming, character/pairing bashing, and mean-spirited comments are no fun to deal with and will be removed.
► Have fun! :)

► Any kinks welcomed!
► The fill/request does not need to be smut.
► Fills can be any sort of creative work: fic, art, song, photomanip, etc.
► Beware of spoilers! Prompters and requesters may warn for them, but it is not necessary.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to PM the admins or email them at temerairekinkmeme @ gmail (dot) com.

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Avatar x-over??

(Anonymous) 2012-03-28 12:46 am (UTC)(link)
No, really. I started watching Korra recently, and I heard the name of Aang's and Katara's son: Tenzin.

It's not much of a stretch to TenzinG.... And I got me thinking.

And now I want an AU where
1) Bending is big in Asia, specially the tibetan area (where we have the Avatar instead of the Dalai Lama), but unknown or forgotten in Europe
2) Tharkay is the son of the Avatar (not that he needs it to be any cooler) and is a bender (of what is entirely up to you)
3) Celestials are airbending masters
4) Laurence finds all of this out in the most BAMF!Tharkay way possible.

Bonus: Granby Someone gets lost on the spirit plane and Tharkay has to fetch them.